Saturday, 24 October 2009

Studying Public Relations-My Changed Views

I started an MA in Public Relations at De Montfort University, Leicester about three weeks ago. So far, I have developed a deeper understanding of all that goes into being a public relations practitioner.

Before I started this course, I held a very narrow view of PR just being for damage control (in the case of celebrities),promoting an event or publicising a company. I was also of the opinion that Marketing and PR were the same, but I was made aware of the difference since starting this course.

The modules that I am currently doing have expanded my knowledge on the history and background of Public Relations as well as Public Relations and its link to social media. I am particularly interested in Grunig's Excellence Study as well as Public Relations and its involvement in new media.

I am also looking forward to the work placement that is a requirement of this course. I truly believe it will expand my budding PR skills and give me a more in-depth understanding of Public Relations practice.

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