Monday, 2 November 2009

The twins lingering presence on Xfactor

On Sunday night I sat and watched as a really good singer was sent home while Jon and Edward (the twin) went through to the next round of competition. And honestly, I was in such shock that these two have gotten this far in the competition. But then I realised that it was because they are entertaining.

They may not have the best vocal ability, but they bring a certain essence to each show that you just can't do without. However, I also realised that their popularity is as a direct result of excellent Public Relations.

Their PRO has taken the route of social media for promoting them, and it has proven extremely successful. If you go on YouTube, their performances have so many more hits than others and they have hundreds of followers on Twitter and their fan list on face book has just reached the thousands.

Moreover, their media coverage has been explosive. I read an entire article in the Sunday edition of News of the World on their life, explaining their early interest in entertaining. Also, they are constantly the topic of conversation on radio shows and televison programmes.

So, it is clear that there is some great PR at work here, and so the public will continue to love them and they will probably get really far in this competition. Because even though they may not be the strongest singers, they are definitely the most popular competitors, whether it is for positive or negative reasons.

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